"Anne Eliot writes real high school, real teens, all going through some very real issues."  ~~Judith @iloveYAFiction

First Love, First Kisses & Stories that make a small difference.

Butterfly Books is the tiny Indie Publishing company created in 2012 for Author Anne Eliot. (That's me, there to the left.)
I write issue young adult romance about teens who are falling in love while facing tough topics like: PTSD, recovering from depression and Cerebral Palsy. Through fortune and some sort of pixie dust, my books have all been top 100 Bestsellers for Amazon's Children's and Teens bestseller lists. 

Better yet, this exposure has allowed me connect to teens all over the world who either love a good first kiss, or who have the same issues I've written about in my books. The most humbling part of this job is when they've told me I got it right. This is what I live for and for them I can't ever give up--because they didn't. I never sell my books at signings, instead I collect money when I sign books in person for some of the amazing causes I've learned so very much about while writing these stories, and I try very hard to bring awareness to the topics as well.

Please excuse the inconvenience because now that you've landed here, I'm about to ask you to go somewhere else. As a wife and a working mom, author, publisher, carpool manager, swag designer, office manager as well as other sundry duties that involve many cleaning products for the home and a trouble making dog named Pico De Guy, I can only maintain one website so this one is rather boring. 

So please visit http://www.AnneEliot.comwhere it's a lot more fun and interesting and has my fun tumblr feed on there as well! 

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How I Fall, A first love 'crush' story.
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Almost... She hired a fake boyfriend for the secrets he knew too much about.
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Teen pop star falls for the girl next door.
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Coming Soon, the sequel to How I Fall...